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09.07.2016 - Posted by Admin
We are very glad to see you on our website. Here you can leave your comments, complaints, and suggestions! We will reply to you, because we care for every customer! Regards Admin.

29.11.2016 - Posted by Jess Vardy
Good afternoon! Often buy Xenical on this site, I was a fitness trainer and I love to eat. Xenical helps me control my weight, all highly recommend it !!!

23.04.2017 - Posted by Lucia Medel
To control herself, the doctor appointed me Xenical, containing orlistat. She said that I can buy any, but they did not advise in the pharmacy "Xenical" - I bought it on this site, because it's cheaper here plus regular discounts. I was prescribed to drink Xenical every day, but only at the time when there is a forced "violation" in the diet.

26.08.2017 - Posted by Orlando Markul
I advise everyone to Orlistat (Xenical). I weighed 110 kilograms, about sport could not go and speeches, I hardly descended and went up the stairs to the second floor. A month after taking the tablets and observing the count of calories, I managed to lose 13 kilograms. Now I do not take pills, I drink vitamins to fix the body, from Monday I want to switch to separate food and start running in the evenings for 10-15 minutes. I feel much better. As for the side effects, they were practically not there, well, sometimes they bothered the unpleasant oily discharge, but in general the result is worth it.

27.10.2017 - Posted by Regina Taylor
"Xenical" leaves after itself reviews from enthusiastic to extremely negative, that is - the drug makes it possible to really achieve the result, but there are difficulties and misunderstandings that not all can overcome. First of all, one should bear in mind that if you are struggling with excess weight - you are guaranteed to lose, excess weight is a merciless killer, every 3 - 4 supernormal kilograms deprive you of a year of life, and if these kilograms are 20-30 or more, the quality of the remaining life is greatly reduced . That is, excess weight leads you to a war of annihilation and you need to give him an adequate answer. For warfare, weapons and Xenical are the only thing that we have really effective. How does Xenical work? In the annotation to the preparation it is written: Prevents the absorption of fats. Forms the right food habits. After reading the first paragraph fat people and bbw are enthusiastically beginning to take medicine waiting for the speedy miracles and miracles happen !!! After all, if you think, fats that are not absorbed in the stomach do not go anywhere, they perfectly lubricate the content, which accelerates quickly to freedom naturally. Far not always manage to be kept within the bounds of decency. Here, many people come to understand how the second point is realized. Xenical, being accepted, puts a person in front of the choice - to carefully monitor their diet so that the inside gets a minimum of fat or risk passing to the skin (I do not even know if I will pass the moderation with such words). Most people do not understand, and doctors can not always explain to them what type of problem the Xenical's reception is for the patient, but there is nowhere to retreat - behind a full kaput, one must learn to control nutrition or admit to myself = (that very word). When I saw and fully felt the uncompromising choice I took time out, I'm not ready yet for full-scale hostilities, but I respected the developers of the medicine, their fantasy, sense of humor and the fact that they successfully sell their product, for which they all must be killed !!! So! starting to take Xenical - you know, you are entering the warpath, but in war it is not easy and pleasant !!! but the more pleasant the victory.

08.11.2017 - Posted by Skinny Jane
I tried Xenical twice. The first time with a weight of 92 kg and a height of 167 cm, he appointed me a doctor. For the month of admission I lost 87 kg. But a specific "diet" was needed. It was impossible to eat flour and sweet, but fat in any quantities. It was a good diet: lard, sausages, fried potatoes, shish kebabs. The diet in the first month I transferred easily! But then I could not look at fat and I just wanted something simple. At the time of taking the drug, there were the following negative points: constant urge to go to the toilet, but without the process to say so. At some point, a pure liquid substance similar to unrefined vegetable oil could come out as a drop or a trickle at all. The doctor calmed down and said that this is unsplit fat, which is not absorbed, but simply leaves the body. After a month of such treatment and diet the doctor sent to cholesterol. He was promoted and had to drink pills to reduce it. Xenical is an effective remedy, but only under the supervision of a doctor. It's convenient to start the process, but then I do not need to get involved.

03.12.2017 - Posted by Indi Wassell
Having 5 kg extra weight I decided to get rid of them in every possible way. What just did not try-diet, exercise ... but for a long time I was not enough, laziness and the desire to eat deliciously perebaryvali my desire to look good). Then I went for advice to the Internet to find an easier way and came across a tablet Xenical. I decided to try, because they did not frighten me with their action on the body, but rather pleased me on the contrary! The most important thing in taking these pills is to strictly follow the instructions. Take after each intake of fatty foods one tablet. You can skip if you ate diet food or not fat. In my case, I did not always drink pills to save them, because they are not cheap. As a result, I dropped only 1 kg. If in the future I once again want to take a chance and start accepting them again, then I will look for analogs cheaper.

14.12.2017 - Posted by Rimma Colins
Xenical is an amazing drug that helps to keep the figure in shape after another diet. The eternal problem of many weight loss is that when you do not eat anything you lose weight, but as soon as you return to the usual diet - the kilograms come back again. Capsules "Xenical" promise to leave the figure in shape. Of course, if you eat no more than 2000 kcal per day. The intake of capsules is simple, we take one capsule with each meal. If the food does not contain fat, then you can skip the capsule intake. Capsules do work. I eat everything, but the weight is not typed as crazy after the next diet))) There is a drug and side effects that quickly pass. Within two weeks my stomach ached and there was a loose stool. Capsules have liked, here only the price dear or expensive...