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indications for use of xenical

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Xenical should be taken according to the recommendations of the doctor in case of excessive body weight. Severe obesity is the zone of Xenical's work. When you take this drug in the body begins the process of absorption of fat, resulting in the body begins to lose weight. You can take this medication and with concomitant diseases, if it is authorized by the attending physician. This drug is recommended to drink according to the dosage of the doctor and in no case should they be allowed to increase independently.

How does the medicine work in the body?

Tablets All incoming food in our body contains fatty molecules in different amounts. According to the biochemical structure of these compounds, they are huge complexes that split into smaller fractions in the body. Such fractions are called enzymes.

In our body there are special enzymes (lipases) that break down fats into simpler compounds. It is these simple compounds that will absorb our body from food.

If you take Xenical, then there is a violation of the enzymes. As a result, the process of assimilation of fat molecules is disrupted, and they are not processed by the body. It is Xenical that leads to not mastering the third part of the fat that came into the body with food. Against this background, there is no absorption of fatty compounds into the body, which means that the process of obesity will be greatly retarded. As a result, the fat tissue ceases to increase in volume, which means that the person stops fattening! In other words, the said drug can be safely attributed to the role of a weight reducer.

By the way, if you take Xenical by the course, then the risk of gaining kilograms significantly decreases. This can be explained by the work of the drug in the body. With the help of this medicine, weight can be controlled and kept within certain limits.

Today, you can hear hundreds of positive reviews about this drug, helping to reduce weight.

Capsules Take Xenical recommended strictly according to the prescribing doctor. This measure is taken by most of the world's countries, trying to overcome excess weight.

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The US authorities suspect that the medicine for obesity Xenical (Orlistat) can damage the liver. In the UK orlistat went on sale in April under the commercial name of Xenical (Alli), BBC News reports, you can buy the drug without a prescription. By today, Xenical has acquired about 200 thousand Britons. In other countries, including Russia, orlistat is known as Xenical.

Orlistat (Xenical) interferes with the work of enzymes that break down in the digestive tract the most caloric components of food - fats. Undivided fats can not be absorbed, therefore they leave the intestine in a natural way in an unchanged form. It is believed that orlistat in principle can not cause serious side effects: it acts in the intestine, not penetrating not only into the cells, but even into the blood, and therefore does not contact any vital structures of the body.

The US Food and Drug Administration received more than 30 complaints that orlistat causes serious liver damage. In six cases, taking the drug led to the development of liver failure, in others - patients complained of yellowing of the skin and eye proteins, weakness and pain in the stomach.

However, the manufacturer of the drug Xenical - the pharmaceutical corporation GlaxoSmithKline - denies these charges. Representatives of the company state that the safety of patients is the top priority of GlaxoSmithKline. Before releasing orlistat for sale, the manufacturer carefully studied all the side effects and tested it for 30 thousand people.

"Around the World" already said that obesity is socially contagious. If a person's friend is obese, his own chances of gaining extra weight increase more than half. Recently, a link was also found between obesity and type 2 diabetes. Diabetes causes a particular protein - a pigmenting factor of the epithelium, generated by fat cells. In the blood of people suffering from obesity, in an obvious way, this protein is more.

Excess weight affects already about two-thirds of Americans. Recently, the "epidemic of obesity" is increasingly spoken not only in America. According to forecasts, by 2010, the proportion of children from 5 to 18 years of overweight in the European Union countries will be about 38%, in China - about 20%, and in the Americas, every second child will suffer from obesity. In addition, it is expected that the number of obese children will increase significantly in the Middle East and South-East Asia.

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