What carbohydrates do to health, thinking and memory

What carbohydrates do to health, thinking and memory

Eat what nature intended to reduce weight and promote health

Lauren Corden.


I know firsthand the problem of excessive use of gluten and its intolerance. This seemingly completely harmless protein can cause a range of serious diseases. At the time of writing, the archive of the National medical library of the United States contained 10,884 articles on studies of the effects of gluten on human health. The Association with more than 200 diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases and even bronchial asthma, has been found.

Most of us do not realize that we are approaching the abyss until it is very close, and, as a rule, do not take seriously the information about the dangers of gluten, food chemical additives and GMOs. I hope you, the reader, are the exception.

In our age of universal chemical and pharmacology every day we get a microscopic portion of the poisons which without, it would seem that the immediate harm, nevertheless upset the balance in the body and gradually destroy it. Lack of clean food, water, air is one of the main causes of degenerative diseases. But that’s not all. Our food also contains a huge number of natural “enemies”, of which we are not even aware. These are lectins, special protein compounds; they are contained in the seeds of plants and protect them from bacteria and fungi, inhibiting the most important processes of life of these harmful microorganisms. On the cells of our intestine, lectins also act negatively.

The most common of lectins are wheat, rye and barley gluten. Getting into our body as part of the products, they have a destructive effect, often irreparable…

The main food of our ancestors, hunter-gatherers, were roots, greens, small animals and insects. Grain plants were eaten only in case of extreme hunger, and a strong, trained body of the first people easily coped with the effects of gluten. What cannot be said about us.

With the emergence of agriculture food preferences gradually changed, and cereals are increasingly included in the daily diet. Modern research proves that mankind has long been suffering from gluten intolerance. And it’s not genetics, and the inability of our body to long-term use of the same harmful substance.

Today, the process of “gathering” takes place not in forests and fields, but on supermarket shelves. And to choose the right products and live a long and active life, it is very important to have knowledge.

In the book you hold in your hands, the famous neurologist David Perlmutter talks about how gluten destroys the brain and body. He draws the attention of readers to the detrimental effect on the body of excess carbohydrates in the diet and recommends changing food preferences.

I know many people who have been helped to relieve symptoms of chronic ailments by giving up gluten-containing products. It is very important, it would seem, minor clarification of the author that the food should be eaten organic vegetables, eggs from chickens “natural walking“, milk from cows fed grass and hay, not grain!

The absence of organic vegetables on the shelves in the cold season, we can replace rice, buckwheat, corn and other gluten-free grain. The garnets company only makes mixes for baking of bread without gluten, gum and any other chemical additives. In addition, we have created an online edition glutenlife.ru, where we publish analytical reviews and news related to nutrition, where we can discuss the problems that concern you.

My father, who is 96 years old every morning going to his patients, although he retired more than a quarter of a century ago


  • about 1.4 kg of weight,
  • more than 160 km of blood vessels,
  • more neurons than stars in the milky way,
  • the fattest organ of your body, more than 60 % of the brain mass is fat.

But right now, he could be suffering, and you don’t know anything about it.…

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