Overview of pharmacy weight loss products

Choosing a means for weight loss, you should not be guided by user reviews on the network and recommendations of acquaintances – the reasons for the appearance of excess weight in your case may be significantly different from those that mattered to others. In medical practice, forms of obesity are classified by the mechanisms that led to the accumulation of excess body weight:

  • Excessive energy intake – obesity of varying degrees in children, men and women (alimentary, abdominal, morbid, gynoid, etc.);
  • Obesity as a consequence of taking medications (hormones, antidepressants, etc.);
  • Overweight due to diseases (thyroid, gastrointestinal, low mobility due to disorders of the musculoskeletal system, body systems);
  • Other causes of excess weight gain (e.g., pregnancy, lactation).

In all of the above situations, different methods and pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements are chosen for weight loss, but the best solution before buying effective drugs will be a consultation with a doctor: endocrinologist and nutritionist. After examining the work of the cardiovascular system and ultrasound of the abdominal cavity, taking tests (blood for hormones, biochemistry, general clinical analysis), you can make a plan of action to reduce weight and choose pills for weight loss.

Uncontrolled choice of means does not always lead to the expected result and its consolidation in the future – without identifying the underlying cause that led to weight gain, it is not safe to use slimming pills. That is why manufacturers of weight loss products offer for free sale only balanced, neutral preparations, with a minimum of side effects: those that are sold in pharmacies without prescriptions. Prescription pills have limitations and require mandatory control by a doctor, but they are also more effective in most cases.

How weight loss pills work

The practice of turning to means for weight loss will not be effective enough without control of nutrition. Doctors do not recommend getting rid of excess weight by cardinal methods – taking special fast-acting remedies, exhausting hunger strikes or excessive physical activity. As surprising as it may sound, but the body for weight loss needs a nutritious diet: otherwise, the lack of vitamins, trace elements that come with food, can lead to irreversible consequences. This is a lack of calcium, metabolic disorders, brittle bones, manifestation of cardiovascular disease and other health problems.

The best way to get rid of excess weight is to apply the rules of a healthy diet in combination with moderate exercise and taking a doctor-recommended means for weight loss. The specialist prescribes such drugs in accordance with the reasons that caused weight gain, and the choice of products is based on information about the patient’s lifestyle and the results of tests.

On the basis of such information, tablets and formulations of other pharmaceutical forms of one of the following groups are prescribed:

  • Preparations for reducing the feeling of hunger, suppressing appetite;
  • GI lipase inhibitors – types of combined means that prevent the absorption of fat;
  • Metabolic stimulants – normalize metabolism.

Use any means from the above categories is allowed only in the absence of obvious contraindications, but the combination of several types of drugs that promote weight loss is unreasonable. Manufacturers often combine the effects and simultaneous use of different categories of pills that promote weight loss is unlikely to be twice as effective, but will definitely cost more. The best result with minimal risk is achieved by a reasonable combination of techniques that suit the individual characteristics of each body.

Drugs that reduce the feeling of hunger

In medical practice, such a group is called anorexigens and is presented in the pharmacy for sale by prescription, in different forms of release. The largest part of the drugs is of synthetic origin.

From the assortment in the pharmacy, a certain demand for tablets and capsules based on Sibutramine, as active substances with similar properties can be preparations of Phenylpropanolamine and Fenfluramine, Amfepromone sometimes in combinations with the hypoglycemic agent Metformin. All types of anorexigens have contraindications, but any drug will act more effectively if the doctor excludes the risks of side effects.

Advantages of means based on Orlistat

Such pills that promote weight loss, are authorized for use in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus, are effective at the risk of cardiovascular disease, gallstone formation, respiratory system disorders. The indicators are not the result of the direct action of the tablets taken, but in the observed weight loss, the health of patients in these areas markedly improved.

On the background of the effective action of drugs based on Orlistat have a peculiarity – depending on the existing excess body weight, the course of taking tablets can be up to a year and longer. In this case, physiological dependence such pills for weight loss do not cause. Even prolonged intake does not affect the formation of side effects, if there are no initial contraindications to pills.

In addition, pharmacies always present other drugs for weight loss, acting as hypolipidemic types of means. These are mostly herbal monocomponents, natural and effective combined compositions.

Different types of pills that promote weight loss are prescribed by a doctor and only after identifying the cause of disturbed metabolism (metabolism). In this situation, the body does not have enough resources to process the energy that comes with food and drinks, and as a result, excess weight accumulates. Most often the cause of metabolic disorders is a deficiency of thyroid hormones (thyroxine, triiodothyronine), and such a position is detected after a biochemical study of blood. In this case, the specialist prescribes iodine, thyroxine in tablets, as monopreparations or types of drugs in combinations.

The name “fat burners” is fixed among buyers quite firmly, and this formulation is suitable for different groups of tablets, drops, pills, patches and other forms that are convenient for use. Therefore, asking in the pharmacy fat burners, please specify exactly how you would like to achieve weight loss. For each mechanism of action can be offered different compositions, brands, forms of production of products.

In practice, everyone who would like to get an effective result in getting rid of excess weight, there are two ways to plan the upcoming actions:

Consult a doctor to determine the true cause of the need to correct body weight and start taking diet pills that normalize appetite, metabolism, reducing the absorption of fats – separately or in combination;

Use pills that do not belong to the category of medicines – dietary supplements, other popular products, which, in one way or another, will contain the same components as in drug therapy, with the addition of herbal components.

In no case should we conclude that biologically active supplements give less effective results: doctors when determining the list of pills that contribute to weight loss, often prescribe herbal components of the category of dietary supplements, but more often as a complementary therapy. Particular attention is paid to the fact that the active substances included in the composition of different means are not duplicated and do not exceed the permissible dosage.

Please note: almost all supplements that do not belong to the category of drugs, are drugs of complex action – these are primarily metabolic correctors, lipolytics and anorexigenic components (appetite reduction). In addition, most effective slimming pills contain components to improve lymphatic drainage function, helping to eliminate excess fluid, slags, toxins.

Is it possible to take slimming pills for pregnant women?

There are no official recommendations on this issue – doctors do not advise to engage in weight loss during the period of carrying a child – the normal weight gain during this period is up to 10-12 kg, a third of which is the weight of the baby. Also do not start taking any pills that promote weight loss, even if they are made of vegetable components.

Strict restrictions are explained by the fact that during pregnancy, the body of the future mother undergoes a global restructuring at the hormonal level. Everything that previously did not cause rejection, during 9 months and often during lactation, can lead to individual negative reactions. At present, there is also not enough study of the effect of herbal and synthetic components contained in the pills on the placenta and, as a consequence, on the fetus.

Reasons for weight loss during pregnancy can only be associated with the state of health of the future mom. In this case, weight correction programs are developed individually, in accordance with the results of tests and only if the benefits of weight loss are significantly greater than the possible harm. For example, with high cholesterol levels, blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases.

Of all the acceptable and effective pills that contribute to normalizing weight loss in pregnant women, in exceptional cases and if necessary, some metabolic correctors can be prescribed. Any fat burners, dietary supplements and other poorly studied compositions are strictly prohibited. There is also a categorical refusal to take all drugs based on sibutramine.

Is it harmful to use diet pills?

Any drugs of synthetic and herbal origin have restrictions on their use – you can harm your health only if the composition and/or dosage of pills does not correspond to the state of health.

Any weight loss program is a stress, a shake for the body, regardless of how exactly is getting rid of extra pounds: according to an organized system, taking into account the results of previously conducted research or spontaneously, at your own discretion. In each case, the additional use of pills can significantly accelerate the process of weight loss, but lead to different results:

  • Improvement of general well-being, since the taken components complement the lack of a number of microelements in the body and prevent the accumulation of unnecessary substances;
  • deterioration of health and lack of results, due to a mismatch between the composition of the drugs and the tone of the body.

The most common side effects of drugs for rapid weight loss are negative effects on metabolic processes and cardiovascular system. In addition, in medicine there are certain norms of safe weight loss: it is 1-1.5 kg per week or up to 5 kg monthly.

In addition to the many factors that determine the state of health, when choosing drugs, the ratio between muscle and fat mass is also taken into account, the body mass index (BMI) is calculated, and the diet and especially the amount of physical activity are determined from the level of habitual lifestyle. A sharp increase in indicators is unacceptable, because the cardiovascular system can also be affected.

In addition to the basic restrictions should remember that with rapid weight loss is noticeably worsening skin condition – the largest protective organ loses elasticity, not having time to adapt to the rapidly decreasing volumes, there are stretch marks, which can be removed later only by surgery. Any cosmetic procedures reduce their severity, but do not help to completely eliminate excess skin and stretch marks.

It should be remembered that the same pills on different patients can affect different patients in radically opposite ways: that is why you should not follow the recommendations of advertisements and the advice of everyone who is not a specialist in medicine.

To get rid of excess weight without damage to health, preliminary examination is literally vital. In this case, following a program designed just for you will help the body to fight unnecessary fat deposits without side effects, only improving metabolic processes.

The goal of any weight change is to restore the body’s ability to adjust its own energy needs. If this requires the use of drugs, this list should be coordinated only with specialists: endocrinologist, nutritionist, therapist, in some cases involving orthopedist and cardiologist (in the presence of relevant pathologies).

The material is informational in nature. Medicines are indicated as an example of their possible use and/or application, which is not a recommendation for their use. Before using medications, please consult a specialist.

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