What is Detox and Why it is Needed

What is Detox and Why it is Needed

Recently, the WORD "DETOX" is found in beauty blogs more often customary for all the word "diet". Gwyneth Paltrow, demi Moore, drew Barrymore, Rene Zellweger, Madonna and beyoncé proudly lead the army of "green", and the Internet rolls over the number of proposals to go detox retreat, try detox menu or perform detox workout. Wonderzine decided to figure out what a detox is and who needs it.

What is Detox

Whether we like it or not, but in our body is constantly postponed something superfluous, whether it is unnecessary kilograms or toxins, which recently the whole civilized world declared cold war. Toxins are harmful poisons that lie in wait for us everywhere: in poor-quality water and food, in inorganic cosmetics and household chemicals, in the environment (especially if you are a resident of the metropolis), in medicines and even in synthetic clothing and furniture. Toxins declare the main culprits of most diseases, poor immunity and digestion, dull and dull appearance and accompanying all of the above depression and stress. In theory, our body is designed in such a way as to independently get rid of all unnecessary. But when his own resources are not enough, come to the aid of all sorts of programs for purification, detox gurus and nutrition specialists, who recently began to appear as mushrooms after the rain. So that’s it detox is for the body the very button “reset” by clicking on which you can run the natural functions of cleansing and restoring our body.

What is the Essence

Despite the existence of many programs and methods of purification, they are always based on a few unbreakable rules — if you follow them, you can spend a real General cleaning in your body. These include a certain diet, the exclusion of harmful dishes and the addition of products that contribute — or at least do not interfere — the process of detoxification (in the first place in this list — all kinds of green smoothies and smoothies, fresh juices, green salads, soups, Superfoods, legumes and cereals, subjected to minimal heat treatment), as well as exercise, SPA-procedures, healthy sleep, relaxation and minimizing the factors contributing to pollution and stress. It is also recommended to drink a lot of liquid in the form of plain water or herbal tea. Under the ban are all semi-finished products, products of white flour and sweets, fast food, soda and juices from packages, fried and fatty foods, meat and dairy products, as well as sometimes such innocent, it would seem, products like potatoes and bananas. In the black list of detox you will also find all known bad habits like alcohol, Smoking and a Cup of fragrant espresso in the morning. As a result, your best friends should be chlorophyll, antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins and fiber, and the enemies are officially declared harmful fats, empty carbohydrates, dyes and flavor enhancers, including all products containing sugar and salt.

But the game is worth the candle: as a reward for food austerity you will find an endless list of bonuses, including — getting rid of excess weight and allergies, improving the complexion and skin, solving almost all problems with digestion, strong immunity, good mood and energy, which will last for at least another six months.

How to Prepare and Pass Detox

Preparation for detox can take from a week to a month, it all depends on the initial data and innate love for green salads and fresh juices. If the latter is not your cup of tea, immediately with his head in the detox should not rush: the body may simply not cope with the amount of toxins that have accumulated in it, and then the idea of purification will have to push into the closet. During the preparation, it is necessary to gradually abandon the prohibited products and add as many recommended products as possible: for example, replace white bread with whole grain, white rice — with brown, and cereals containing gluten — with gluten-free. Directly detox itself can take from several days to several months — it all depends on your goals, capabilities and willpower. On the way out of detox will take about a week, during which you need to add the usual products and observe the reaction of your body. If you suddenly became uncomfortable after eating, for example, bread, then this is a sure sign that it is better to give it up altogether.

The best time for detox is early spring and / or autumn. It was at this time the body, according to experts and nutritionists, without much difficulty gets rid of all excess. It is also desirable that during detoxification you are not distracted by thoughts about the upcoming deadlines, dinner parties and breakfasts with colleagues, during which it will be difficult to deny yourself a Cup of forbidden cappuccino with a croissant. So it is advisable to plan the upcoming detox so that it coincides with your vacation or, at least, with a calm working regime.

Detox Retreat

If you have unlimited financial resources and time, but willpower is a little pumped up, it is better to go to one of the detox retreats scattered around the world, where you do not have to worry about the quality of products, their preparation and search for a yoga teacher or fitness trainer. Such retreats are usually held in picturesque places, and all you will have to do is enjoy the beautiful views and taste the miniature dishes served by the best chefs on expensive porcelain dishes. The hottest destinations are the Henri chenot clinic in Merano and the Complete Retreat of the English naturopath Lisa jeans in Spain. The price of lost kilograms and acquired health will be 4 170 euros per week in the first case and 1 750 euros in the second. As a rule, during detox retreats, the schedule is planned in such a way that you simply do not have free time not only to think about food, but even to read a book. Light meals (mostly raw food), fresh air, mountain walks, yoga, strength exercises, meditation, dancing, massage and other pleasant SPA treatments-here is an approximate list of activities that are waiting for you throughout the week. Fans of such programs are many stars of film and show business, where they leave about four or five extra pounds after or before shooting in the next film masterpiece.

Detox with Home Delivery

If you have no time to walk around the mountains and bask under the strong hands of massage therapists, but you still want to get rid of the hated toxins, specially designed nutrition programs will come to the aid, which the courier will deliver to you directly home or office. Market leaders in Britain recognized The Pure Package, whose customers are Lily Cole, Florence Welch, mark Fast, Hugh Jackman and others. Also gaining popularity is detox on juices, the so-called juice cleanse: companies like BluePrint, Liquiteria, Ritual Cleanse and Organic Avenue offer delivery of fresh juices and smoothies with talking names Skin trip, Killer x, Royal flush, Transition and Booster. In our country, this task perfectly copes with the company Just for you and its more budget version of the Green Diet. In this case, you also removed any concern about the quality of products and search for recipes, because in a large black bag courier will not only set a variety of fresh juices, smoothies and salads, but also the exact schedule when it should be eaten and drunk. The duration of the program you choose yourself, but the recommended period — from five to seven days, after which you can talk about some visible result.

Himself a Specialist

The most budget option with which you can spend detox-is to pass it yourself, with the support of sites like Salashop and Yoga Journal, which regularly conduct detox programs online. Here you are responsible for finding the necessary products and their preparation, as well as for your own motivation and performing additional procedures. And if you want more, you can become a real detox guru, having been trained on the Detoxworld website or at the school of the famous raw-chef Matthew Kenny, where you will learn the basic rules of detox, and then be able to teach them the rest.

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