Motivation for Weight Loss

Motivation for Weight Loss

One of the most important problems of caring women — weight loss. There is an immense number of ways to lose weight: from the most simple and “free” to the most sophisticated and worth a lot of money. Here, as they say, it all depends on your capabilities and, most importantly, the motivation for weight loss. How to motivate yourself to lose weight and what you need to do?

Motivation for weight loss: 5 most important

The theme of weight loss will always be relevant. And the motivation for weight loss is its eternal cornerstone. The weight — value is very unstable and can not stay permanently without overcoming the desire to eat a lot and what you want, and intrinsic motivation for weight loss. Like it or not, but the idea of extra pounds, which prevent to live always revolves around the same reasons. We list the most basic and common of them.

“You’re fat!”. Who wants to hear such a phrase, especially from people close? Unfortunately, we are not always surrounded by people considerate and want only the best for us. Even if you did not care much about your figure, and you do not care what others say, this thought will still come back to you, and you will sooner or later think “And is not it true?”. It turns out, the opinion of others is just the same motivation for weight loss, which women are guided by, sitting on a diet and spending time in the gym.

“I don’t fit into my favorite dress!”. If the problem impolite friends and family beat you to the punch, the extra pounds you can easily remind your clothes. If last year you were all at the time, and this zipper on your favorite dress fastens with difficulty or not fastened — then think, of course, it is necessary. But that’s only if you really care about your figure. There are women who don’t care and probably are happy women, they care about other things. So, the motivation for weight loss-to get into your favorite dress and not to buy a new one-is also very important and objective.

“I want beautiful photos on the beach!”. Summer, sun, sea… we all want to look at the “5 plus”, so that men do not tear admiring glances from our forms, so that friends appreciated that the swimsuit looked profitable. What is not the motivation for weight loss? The beach is one of those places where all our flaws are visible to the naked eye. To defile on a warm sand, sparkling smart forms, and not only beautiful tan — it is necessary to take care of the figure in advance.

“How hard it is to walk and breathe!” owners of magnificent forms will not lie, extra pounds-is not only an aesthetic problem, but also the cause of various diseases: varicose veins, swelling, shortness of breath, diabetes, heart problems and hormone organs (thyroid, pancreas, ovaries, etc.). health is the most important motivation for weight loss, and no one will argue with this. Usually, doctors since the treatment of such diseases in people with excess weight, the first thing they say to them that is to lose weight. Getting rid of extra pounds you will make your body easier, which means the load on all organs, including the skeleton, it becomes less that the situation changes dramatically.

“The girl, and it is possible to meet you?”. If you do not touch the topic of health, the most important factor affecting the motivation for weight loss is the desire to please men. Alas, no matter what, men meet women “on clothes”. It is impossible to speak for all, but their share is huge. At the very beginning they evaluate our appearance, and then our “rich and deep inner world”. And even if they say that they do not care, you need to believe such words cautiously. A woman should always be beautiful and desirable, and this is the most that neither is a good motivation for weight loss.

Motivation for weight loss: what to do? where to start?

So, where should we start?

To begin with, choose the reason why you came to the idea of losing weight. Evaluate how much this is really a motivation for weight loss and whether the game is worth the candle?

If the incentive was found and the desire to lose weight appeared, ready to make sacrifices and change your daily routine and diet, then firmly decide that you start the process of losing weight not tomorrow and Monday, but right now.

If you woke up the next day and got up with the idea that now you will strive for the desired forms, then start to revise your diet, starting with Breakfast. It is best to eat food in the morning, rich in carbohydrates and proteins, and do not forget about vitamins and minerals. Lunch should also be quite abundant to provide themselves with energy for the rest of the day. But dinner is something light and not high-calorie. The last meal should be 4-5 hours before bedtime, so you release your digestive tract from work at night. At night, you can drink a glass of water or yogurt.

About the” main enemies ” of your figure — sweets, pastries and fats — should talk separately. No one forces you to give up at all these, though harmful, but, for the most part, such delicious products. You just need to know the measure in their consumption.

Motivation for weight loss first of all leads us to thoughts about diets. There is a huge number of diets for every taste and color, the effectiveness and rigor of each of which can advise you only nutritionist. But to diet-not the only measure in the motivation for weight loss.

Sport. To lead an active lifestyle and play sports – that’s what absolutely all nutritionists advise. The most common “sport” for women is a fitness room, and it is not bad. If you are engaged in any kind of sport individually, even better. In our time, the popularity of yoga. Even though it is not active in appearance the process of yoga, calories burned as a result of almost the same as on a treadmill or on a stationary bike.

Well, in conclusion, it is necessary to abandon the words “I can not.” The motivation for weight loss is called so that throws all your weaknesses and prepares your body for the loss of extra pounds with only your efforts.

The motivation for weight loss, as we see, is different, but the desire and the result always depends on you. You should be clearly aware if you really want to have a beautiful figure. Only having the incentive and will to achieve the desired result can realize the motivation for weight loss in life. Dare!

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